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Server Security and Redundancy

Server security and redundancy is important when comparing potential web hosts. We offer web hosting on Macintosh, Windows NT/2000, and Unix/Linux server platforms. This multi platform environment enables us to offer you custom options to suit any needs. Our facility is a secure, controlled environment. All servers are housed in secure racks behind locked doors and a full security system. They are surge projected as well as linked to a backup generator to ensure uninterrupted server operations. Backup systems are run daily on a tape back up system. Offsite recovery procedures are in place.

Server Specifications

  • High performance Web servers, capable of serving tens of millions of connections a day.
  • Full support for the HTTP 1.1 protocol, including persistent connections and byte-range requests.
  • Support for single-link IP multihoming, virtual domain and language-based routing.
  • High performance file info and data caching architecture.
  • SSLv2 and SSLv3 support on a per-IP address basis, including support for multiple X509, X509v3, PKCSv7 chained, Netscape chained and Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) style certificates, and RC4-128, 3DES, DES-56, DES-40, RC4-40 and MAC-only encryption options.
  • Enhanced Server-Side-Includes featuring an extensible architecture allowing Plug-Ins to register custom HTML tags for processing on SSI pages.
  • Robust Realms and/or Allow/Deny-based security architecture.
  • SSH Secure Shell
  • Front Page 2002 Extensions available
  • Full support for PHP 4.4 and PHP 5
  • phpMyAdmin for administrating mysql databases.
  • FTP for uploading content

Collocation Opportunities

Please contact us at to find out more about collocating.

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