Mission & Core Values

Our mission is to excel at providing internet connectivity and managed communications services. We believe that reliable and fast internet keeps people happy and allows them to accomplish their goals. We strive to create solutions that are not only innovative but based on sound technical knowledge and industry best practice.

We are a values-driven company operating with integrity and our core values include the following:

•           Continually Improve
•           Obsess over quality
•           Do more with less
•           Preserve an equal opportunity environment
•           Passionately manage every detail
•           Maintain constant availability
•           Promote synergy with employees, customers, users and suppliers
•           Create value for our customers and stakeholders daily

What do we do

Synergy Broadband is a recognized leader in managed communications services, providing total technology solutions for our targeted multitenant "certified gigabuildings." We are a value-driven company that believes in maintaining a synergistic relationship with our employees, clients, vendors and property managers. Our industry-leading designs include gigabit fiber infrastructure, Ruckus Wi-Fi and DISH satellite television. Our turnkey package incorporates structured cabling design, video security systems and building wide access control as a total building solution. We continue to manage and support building infrastructure and clients' needs after turn-up with our 24/7/365 global help desk, providing you peace of mind throughout the life of your property. Whether your project is new construction, retrofitting or rebranding the technology at your property, Synergy can help you achieve your goals.​

Our Philosophy

At Synergy, we believe it’s important to have specific, measurable goals to achieve success. Each year as a team, we identify 12 paradigm shifting goals to accomplish. We focus on having processes that support the entire system and developing people that think and work together. We have a culture of stopping to fix problems, to get quality right the first time. We still have the spark of an emerging startup but it’s tempered with the knowledge of a seasoned company.

Synergy’s technicians have extensive training and experience in Wireless connectivity, Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) architecture, implementation, and troubleshooting. Synergy utilizes industry leading Cisco equipment and support. Synergy utilizes advanced software which monitors every node on our network around the clock and alerts our administrators of any downtime – in real time. Additionally, Synergy employs Microsoft Certified technicians for our internal systems administration and for external IT consulting.

"..the promise offered by the computer as a communication medium between people, dwarfs into relative insignificance the historical beginnings of the computer as an arithmetic engine."

"The great success of the internet is not technical, but in human impact. Electronic mail may not be a wonderful advance in Computer Science, but it is a whole new way for people to communicate. The continued growth of the Internet is a technical challenge to all of us, but we must never lose sight of where we came from, the great change we have worked on the larger computer community, and the great potential we have for future change." David Clark in RFC 1336

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Intelligent Buildings

An intelligent building is a synergy between an ISP and property manager to implement seamless connections of high reliability and redundancy. Synergy Broadband provides “intelligent building solutions” with fiber, broadband, voice, video and television. These connections are highly reliable, secure and economical.